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What Does Poetry Mean to meLicia Young

I Can (Poetry Is…)


Is a child’s first steps

Both thrilling, new and uncertain

A realization that I

Can do more than I

Ever thought capable

A release, a breaking

Of the mind’s barriers

I can walk and not just crawl

I can run and not just walk

I can


Is the first jump into the deep

Conquering the fear that it

May not go quite as planned

My words can swallow and suffocate me

And no one may understand why I had

To take the plunge

But I rise above the surface

And breathe my heart

Across each page

I can breathe

I can


Is the first time behind the wheel

License in hand

Heart in my stomach

Trusting only my myself and my pen

To know where I’m going

But still, I’m the one

Behind the wheel

I say when to break

I say when to keep going, and when to turn

I can go as far as I will

I can


Is my first love

Caresses my mind and

Takes my heart further into

An unfathomable bliss

Taking leisurely strolls my literary devices

Mesmerized by word play

Smitten with metaphor

Butterflies from kisses of sweet simile

My words teach me to dance

I can dance

I can


Is my first therapy session

To talk about my first love betrayal

And my first car accident

The first time I almost drowned

And my first memories of falling

Trying to run

It’s processing my pain

It’s healing my soul

It’s telling my story

It’s helping me understand


That I can be me

I can


Is the pouring out of my breath for others to breathe

It is the love that makes me fly

A gift of joy for moments of sadness

A peace that gives life to my bones

It is my way of

Communicating and living

My truth

I can live my truth

I can live

I can

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