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Kareem Ture
Practice What You Poetry
by Adonis Richards



Hailing from the Infamous Brooklyn New York, The young charismatic, collected man Named Kareem Ture is a true poet, innovator, and leader in his community. Now claiming his reign in the city of Schenectady, the self-proclaimed “Favorite underrated Poet.” continues to make his mark in the community daily. With a strong passion for helping those in need as much as possible with the success he’s created, Kareem promises to establish a space of unity for all. 


An immaculate poet, writer, entrepreneur, and all-around amazing person. Kareem dedicates his life to giving his all to his people. Kareem has a passion for his community and its advancement. To him, the city is still a work in progress, “We’re not where we once were, we have a lot of work to do and a lot of progression to be made.” Kareem explains. Kareem stands by his words and moves accordingly through his wordplay and his business that goes by the title of his name. Selling knowledge, integrity, and essential minerals, Kareem is constantly pushing for the health and betterment of his people physically, mentally, and spiritually. For him, he not only speaks of unity, but he practices it daily to defeat the common individualistic mindset set by our community and create a “unification and collective effort.  


Kareem’s name is a business, for him being a spoken word artist is a lifestyle. One that he takes very seriously. “ I have the opportunity to showcase my talent and the art form of spoken word,” Kareem explains. “It opens a dialogue after the show. People ask for more details on lines that I said in my art.” Kareem is the author of 6 books, that vary from poetry to how-to guides for everyday survival. His dedication to his craft goes beyond his writing, and it shows how he cares about archiving ways to help his community. Getting on a stage in front of a crowd of people and speaking his stance on topics is a true passion to him, and it’s reflective of his path.  For him, his real-life experiences and looking for a way to get through. “My journey was a long one,” Kareem states. “Do something that speaks volumes.” To Kareem, the goal the vision is to continue the work on himself to leave a legacy and overall memory for his future family and community. I want to use the success I have to help those in need.” Kareem states.


  “Practice what you Poetry” Kareem states. To him, everything is in mannerisms and how you execute. Kareem loves seeing collaborative efforts, everyone coming together to help one another. “ It allows me to absorb the unique perspective of others, allowing it to make me a better person for myself,” Kareem explains. For him, he enjoys working with the community to hear other’s stories and how they got to where they are. Along with everyone working to make a better community. For Kareem, community means “Agreement across the board and being cognizant of the fact that if there’s a need that is to be met, people take on that duty of the collective.” When it comes to getting involved in the community, Kareem advises everyone to get out there. “Expose yourself, and meet people who are doing things that you want to do.” Kareem explains. “take notes, and apply what you learned.” Kareem believes in having boots on the ground, to contribute financially to fund and empower certain initiatives. A humble man to his core, Kareem believes that one thing he struggles with is accepting his flowers when people give them to him. “My humility is so big that it’s annoying.” Kareem states, “I’m imperfect, I Take Pride in being a work in progress, yet every day I fall in love with the process of being a better person than what I was yesterday.” 


Kareem is a powerful soul, with an amazing heart and an influential leader in his community. With passion, a strong sense of purpose, and a desire to help all those that come across his way. He embodies the spirit of this community as it grows into the beautiful environment we all see it to be. 

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