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ShiningOnyx - What Does Poetry mean to Me?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Poetry seems to have always been there for me like an older sister. It started when I heard the poetry in the R&B songs I would listen to as a little girl. The way the artists painted their emotions in their words was just magical. I have always loved that poetry doesn't look like one thing and there isn't any real 'rules' to it. You don't have to rhyme, your vocabulary don't have to be expansive, you don't have to experience certain things or have so much money. I have noticed recently how much poetry has changed me and how I speak. I can describe things in ways I never have before, I structure my sentences a certain way but most importantly I see the beauty in expressing myself. Poetry has given me a level of freedom and truth that nothing else has. Sometimes I feel like I open my mouth and only poetry tumbles out.

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