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Multilingualism - Demi Badeux


I'm an educated woman

I am a self-educated lady

I'm fluent in the streets

I also articulate well

My timberland boots

stand right next to my stilettos

My daisy dukes hang two pants down

from my favorite evening gown

I adore the elegance of a simple white Jasmine in my hair something like Billie Holiday or catch me with my hat turned back like Dej Loaf feeling godly

White is what ignorant call the way I speak

Diving deep into the words of Shakespeare

Wise enough to know Shakespeare was illiterate and could not read

Amelia Bassano Lanier

The dark lady behind Wills plays

I thank you for Othello, you’ve made pages bleed

The only Moorish descendant fellow

to experience your work and remain after your demise and Williams arise

Despite stereotypes

I proudly speak ratchet on my days off

In moments of fun

Twerking to the sounds of machine gun

Kelly Rowland's motivation

So I Slow wine then rewind

Listen to the record play

Madam Butterfly, tragic tale of manipulated love and loss, tears fall as the opera

Whisks me away

My body is fluent in the language of love

Sounds of the merengue

Oh how hips sway

He said my hips are bilingual

She says I must be thorough bread

Of some Caribbean-decent

The way my body can

Glide along the baseline then

SnapBack with ease

Confused them with my

Ballroom dance skill

Or if looks could kill

I'd look more like a machete

Watch as I cut a rug

Dance like I'm the bomb

hit like Hiroshima

My hair defies gravity

As it swings it moves with me

Speaking its language of tangle and curls

I adore that you danced the tango

Tell me know also know the Azonto

Music you're my transport

Bringing to different lands

Providing my body with the language

Of the world

I rode your sound waves into

different continents and countries

Art you are my Anthropology professor

Vango music found your ear

And gave Stevie his sight

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