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What Does Poetry Mean to Me? - Ebony Brady

Poetry is my way of expressing myself when I can’t express how I feel with people; it’s a gateway to my thoughts and the inside of who I am as a mother, woman, sister, friend, and confidante. Poetry means a lot to me because I wrote it out when I couldn’t open up mentally; I wrote it out and felt so much better. It was a way for somebody else to receive what I wanted them to get when I couldn’t just talk it out, scream it out or yell it out. It’s a way to reach me mentally without me having to break things down poetry is my art, my heart, my mind, my soul it’s my everything; it’s the reason sometimes I go to bed at night or even why I rise in the morning it’s every art form that I can think of it’s creative it’s music it’s soulful poetry is my story put into words. Poetry is me, and I am Poetry.

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