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Waking Up Before The Freeze.

Three dots.Threedashes.Threedots.Sunday, November 26th, 2023. 2:18 pm. that's on you - CB

playing the 11:11 album through I am. so focused on my internal world that in some ways it feels as if I am. losing a sense of time. this may have worried me once or twice in the past, but it is different now in the sense of rooting into time being my friend.

my friend.

my. friend. I am. I am trying to find my ground in this moment. there are words I have felt floating just beneath the surface: just beyond the veil. the more I find myself willing to hear them...the warmer the souls beneath my feet are. yesterday I stood outside barefoot for I would guess at least fifteen "minutes" if we are using their sense of time to describe things...yet the thoughts that flowed through my mind's eye had me so centered in gratitude and roots that I was not at all cold.

I feel the fire. I feel the voices of those before me. those of me. those to come from me...and it is as if everyone is sending and receiving: "keep. going."...the more I lean into the notion of the final feeling and the fusion of it with w/my journey in this life; the more and more I find myself grateful for every. single. moment. I can feel the words to come and I know they will help to move mountains. just one seed - planted right outside the garden - but it will bring us all home once. innderstand it. once it is in your garden - and it sprouts - your soil is cleansed - the light that shines when the flower blooms...they will follow the light home.

All is well. all will be well.

the desire and fuel I have to keep going comes from the deepest space of our internal nothingness...rock bottom no longer feels like an enemy. it feels like an old friend who just needed some time to clear their dusty shelves before company came to stay. I appreciate every. single. moment. may I and any reader of these thoughts be blessed w/∞ more? -nb

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