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Make it count - Shakeema

Sometimes I wonder why I allow the intense impulsive feelings of anxiety to take over.

Mixed emotions got me feeling crazy through the motions of emotion.

Trying to express shit gets intense! Lost for words at times so I let my art define what I was feeling at certain times. Although I allowed shit to fly, I really didn’t let that pass me by. Subconsciously I was waiting for the perfect time.

That’s when I realized I never really let shit slide. Not really knowing in who I can confide. So I let it find a place to hide inside until I feel like this feeling is taking up space and can no longer reside. Emotions getting the boot because in my mind they’ve spent way too much time.

Depending on the trigger it’s a burst or a bust! Letting go of this feeling is definitely a must. Despite the erosion that caused the explosion it was coming. It was built up over time but knowing what I know I see that intuition never lies. Whether good or bad comes I take it with a grain of salt. I’m where I’m supposed to be and that’s by default. Despite what skeletons I got chilling in the volt. They do define a side of me but doesn’t confide me to who I strive to be and what I see for me no matter how they persuade the story to be!

I see the bigger picture and where I’m at now. How dare I ever allow a soul to take me out for clout. I promise you that won’t happen and I say that without a doubt. Life is what you make it so ima make this lifetime count!

“Make it count” - Sk

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