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I came into your life when you were an adolescent

but we never really got acquainted

I'd like to introduce myself,

my name is depression, I've been here some time

but you found ways to suppress me.

you were young then but I left an impression

those tears that filled your eyes and you couldn't think clearly

that was me, my name is depression

some days you try to forget me

but I was just in the back of your mind like a recollection.

the impression I made you use as a weapon

that weapon is built on hatred and rejection

 my name is depression

see this feeling it grows but it does not always show

I'm not hidden by frowns or moping around

im laughs, and smiles and jokes to be told

because once you are alone im all that you know

but I don't make a sound

my name is depression

I tend to roam around your thoughts and let your mind race

I leave an indentation when you feel your heartbreak

I'm the sound that you scream when it feels like too much and that's all you can take

my name is depression.

you hide your feelings behind affirmations looking for validation

and your thoughts aren't as clear as you hoped for

I know this because I'm the biggest piece of you and your weak

so drinking and smoking tend to be your retreat

my name is depression

and I know you have trouble sleeping

tossing and turning but you don't know the reason

I'm something like your best friend because I've been here for the ride

while your dying inside

and I do not mean to misspeak,

I'm often discreet but my name is depression

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