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Hip-Hop By Nya Renee

Hip-hop hop used to have the blocks jumping

Each and every corner the boom box was bumping

Everyone crowded to hear the lyrically inclined

Spit a few bars about some shit that’s on they mind

And now hip hop is just females twerking on tables its starting to become to fucking relatable,

Y’all rather listen to ice spice and she’s not even lyrically nice “shaking ass in the deli”

I thought we shook ass in the Telly .

Y’all screaming skeeeyee in the streets ,

I’m in the drop top with Trina on repeat.

What happened to the time when girls wore the bamboos

and was looking for real love and the rappers were real thugs.

50 years later and hip hop ain’t the same everybody got fake chains no game

no hot bars thinking they lyrical

cuz they rhyme bout cars instead of reaching for the stars they rap about sniffing bars

… Biggie bumping through my head phones and Tupac was my ring tone.

Hip-hop is an art, you could turn the radio on and start singing from the heart.

The '90s era is what made me,

all the love songs used to drive the ladies crazy.

Cuz if he wrote me a love letter ,

I would right back and if he used his tongue I would like that .

Such a recap on a night cap .

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