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Your love was a toxic one


It was like a cancer

It consumed me until nothing was left

A hollow home for a heart that was falling apart

Honeymoon stage at the start and then your jealousy tore us apart

Loving you was the easy part

Trying to fix a heart I did not break, was the first mistake

Loving you was my greatest weakness BUT my biggest wake-up call

You knew I would protect your heart

I couldn’t sit back and watch you fall apart

My purpose was to love you without limits

So I did it with no limitations

Now my heart is breaking

There’s no place like home and home is what you make it

So I chose you to be the foundation

Let down this brick wall, thinking we would grow closer

Our hearts intertwined, until the foundation started to crumble and fall

You took my heart and made it your home, Your comfort zone

Then sucked me dry with no tears left to cry

Cried enough to fill a river, that shit turned me bitter

We made it through the aching parts

I gave you my soul

But all this hatred turned me cold

Laid up and listen to you vent for hours

Then your words turned sour and lost all their meaning and power

I was the bulletproof vest, took 10 shots to the chest

Tried to kill the pain and heal your scars

All while mending a broken heart, I was falling apart

We ran out of time, constantly fighting for a piece of mind

The heart wants that happy ever after filled with laughter

Instead, I was broken down and battered

My whole world was blown up and shattered

Did I even fucking matter?


- The puppet master

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