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Broken Butterfly Bruised Roses - Demi Badeux

You clipped my wings before I even knew I had the gift of flight

Drowning my fiery flames in sinking sand

Your inability to see greatness within me left my underdeveloped mind jaded & afraid of heights

The bitterness consumed you so

With pain in your eyes, you crushed the innocence that the outside world had yet to rip away

Pushing me but begging me to stay

And He....

He was young not quite sure of what was right or wrong

Meant to watch over

Decide that I would be his experiment

Acting as if he were Adam and I was his Eve

I wasn't even old enough to know what was happening

I cried, not knowing why

All I remember was saying no

I was so young I forgot every detail

Blurs, I did my best pushing these nightmares to the back of my subconscious, consciously hurting confused as to why, after all, where can I run to

who could I tell

Why would I

Yes you told me to but scared and perplexed only knowing what could happen next

I simply didn't want our already crumbling foundation of our sadly dysfunctional group of beautifully damaged nestlings to meet its demise because of me

Understand that with the logic provided by uneducated damaged queens, I mean warriors, I mean survivors

Well all of the above

Even when I'm a victim I could never allow myself to truly be the victim that part of me actually maybe

I'm too strong for that

I don't care what he took from me

What she took from me

What they took from me

That destroyed this fairytale moment turned nightmare

I'll assume he didn't know any better

They didn't know any better

My true thoughts and emotions collide

Feeling as if I'm drowning inside

I beg and plead for your love but you dispose of my request

After all, how can you give me love if you never knew love for yourself...

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