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1156p - Anonymous

on the stoop. Schenectady

it’s raining ever so gently

the streetlight grants a brief view of the vicinity

the arena is quiet but for the pattering of raindrops and tints of background buzzing

in this bubble I am free

at this moment I can breathe

I find the desire to judge nothing

I simply accept all that has been

and all there is to be.

I find gratitude in realizing

forgiving myself allows me to forgive others

forgiving others allows them to forgive themselves

forgiving themselves allows them to forgive me

it is a never-ending unfurling tapestry

or might I say scroll rather, as I picture it

learning how to embrace the idea that who I am now is allowed

to look at who I was at any point in “then”

and see her for her highest intention

we are aligned

we are not so different, she and I

yet so many different people we have been since each breath we reflect upon

and so many different people's loves and lives have we touched sense…


sensational - to think, as the trumpets are greased in the distance.

the further I step into considering this truth

the quieter the hums and the louder the symphonies.

yet externally nothing has changed but a passing car in the night.

all is well. all will be well. so it is, so mote it be. amen. 1202a 1203a


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